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I have received a lot of interest in my shaving accessories, so I decided to devote a separate wing of the gallery to these items. These items are popular enough that I'm having trouble keeping them in stock, and many items I've created and sold never have a chance to land on this page. I have depicted a number of items so that you can see the range of things that I do.

Shaving brushes are available in 20mm or 25mm--these sizes refer to the size of the knot used to glue the cluster of badger hairs together, and therefore the number of bristles in the brush. These brush heads are custom tied for me.

I have also started creating shaving mugs. Right now I am making these as open pots without lids, as it is my firm belief that they need to dry out between uses, which a lid will not allow.

If there is something in particular you would like, feel free to contact me to arrange a custom order. Many folks are doing this, its a way to move to the front of the line and get what you want!

Please note that I am now shipping all 20mm brushes with a stand (see the pictures below) included in the sale price. Unfortunately, these stands don't fit the 25mm brushes.

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