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I am pleased to be able to offer one of my favorite finishes for your own use. Whether you're a fellow wood worker or someone who appreciates the look and feel of wood in your daily life, this is a great all-purpose finish and wood maintenance oil.

I developed this finish for bare wood or wood that has been previously treated with an oil finish. This is not a polish and is not suitable for varnished furniture.

Tung oil is pressed from the nut of the tung tree and should not be used by individuals with nut allergies.

The tung oil finish must be shipped via ground service.

  • penetrates & dries in the wood
  • excellent utility finish for cutting boards, bowls, rolling pins, spoons, scoops, porous stone, concrete, etc.
  • dries to a long-wearing matte finish
  • natural ingredients; no petroleum or VOCs
  • pleasant citrus aroma disappears after ~24hrs

Use Instructions:

  • apply liberally to clean, dry surface using a lint free rag
  • allow to stand 30 minutes
  • remove excess oil with a clean cloth
  • item ready for use after 24hrs
  • multiple coats may be needed on especially thirsty wood!

I recommend the 8 oz size for those needing to maintain a few pieces of utility wood ware. 8 oz will go a long way and treat numerous cutting boards, spoons, bowls, and so on. $9.99.

The 16 oz option is a good choice if you're a fellow wood worker finishing lots of items. It's also a good choice if you're a consumer with a larger surface area to maintain, such as a counter top. $17.99.